Lunch in a company, made in the originality

Lunch in a company, made in the originality

Le Coin du Châtelain provides customized corporate catering. Whether you need a one-off catering delivery or recurring meals, we bring delicious, carefully prepared dishes to your premises in Brussels.

Whether at the end of a meeting or for a special event in your company, discover our healthy, gourmet and original lunch formulas for your employees. 

Surprise bread or salad, the choice is yours! 

Add a touch of surprise to your employees' meals with one of our surprise breads of your choice. 

Baguette, toast, bagel, wrap or a mix of everything, choose what will please them for their meal. 

Once again, we rely on fresh and carefully selected ingredients for our surprise breads. 

If you want something lighter for your lunch, we invite them to discover our homemade salads. 

We also offer complete formulas with salad, surprise bread and a choice of dessert. All you need to enjoy your lunch without having to worry about preparing it in your company. 

The advantages of choosing the catering service of Le Coin du Châtelain 

You will improve the health of your team

Eating well keeps us healthy. A healthy team means less missed work, better quality work, fewer doctor visits and lower health care costs. 

You'll increase afternoon energy levels

When your team eats greasy pizza for lunch, they can't resist the 3:00 p.m. bang. Our fresh, nutrient-rich lunches give your employees the focus and endurance they need to end the day with a bang. 

You'll save time by simplifying lunch logistics

Choosing a restaurant, ordering lunch and picking it up is a huge waste of resources. We give that time back to your team by offering you delivery and allowing you to continue your meeting in peace. 

You'll find it easier to attract and retain top talent

The best and brightest are flocking to the best workplaces. By offering a cutting-edge advantage like the Coin du Châtelain catering service, you make it clear to potential employees that you value and invest in your staff. 

You've got it, you can say goodbye to sad lunches. Light, tasty and delivered to your premises, our surprise breads, salads and lunches will literally transform your professional meals.