Brunch for all tastes!

Brunch for all tastes!

Fancy a brunch? Whether you are passing through to visit Brussels, or you are a resident of the city, don't hesitate to come and have brunch with us. Quality products, but also an exemplary service will be there to make sure you have a great time.

A sweet brunch: for gourmets!

It's morning. Or at least the end of the morning. You haven't eaten! And for good reason, you feel like having a brunch. This kind of meal coming from the United States, which is a hit in Europe! But you don't really know where to take your sweet brunch. Yes, even if it's almost lunchtime, there's no way for you to eat something salty! And we fully understand this point of view. That's why we offer a sweet brunch that is sure to delight your taste buds. In this last one, we propose you :

- A hot drink of your choice.

- An orange juice.

- Scrambled egg or on the plate with salmon or bacon, at your convenience.

- A viennoiserie, at your choice.

- Some bread.

- A baguette.

- An organic yoghurt with honey.

All you have to do is come to our place, to enjoy one of the best sweet brunch in Brussels.

A salty brunch: for tourists who need strength!

You don't like sweet? Or at least, for you, a brunch should be exclusively salty? We also have the right formula for you! Indeed, we want to adapt to all our customers. With us, everyone should find something for everyone! That's why the second formula that we offer exists for customers who want salty and exclusively salty for their brunch. In this last one, we propose you :

- A hot drink of your choice.

- An orange juice.

- Scrambled or fried egg, with salmon or bacon, depending on your taste.

- Cold cuts.

- Cheese.

- Bread.

- Baguette.

If you still don't know where you can find a salty brunch, why not come directly to us?

A vegetarian brunch: for those who don't eat meat!

No way for you to eat meat and fish? Either you don't like it or you are simply a vegetarian. Either way, we also adapt to you since we can offer you an exclusively vegetarian recipe. Let's discover the menu together :

- A hot drink of your choice.

- An orange juice.

- A quiche accompanied by a small lentil salad.

- Hummus.

- Vegetables.

Yes, even in Brussels it is possible to eat vegetarian menus. What are you waiting for to come to our place?

We are waiting for you to come and taste our different brunches. You will find us at Place du Châtelain, in the Ixelles district of Brussels. We will be delighted to serve you!