Discover the waffle stick

Discover the waffle stick

Waffles have always been part of Belgium's gastronomic heritage. But why should they always be round or rectangular?

When the traditional waffle takes on an original shape

When people talk about waffles, you immediately imagine the traditional crunchy treats in rectangular or round shapes, often topped with chocolate, sugar and whipped cream. And how can you not talk about Liège waffles?

But in our Coin du Châtelain tea-room, we wanted to give the waffle a new lease of life. Add modernity to this delicacy that can be enjoyed in all seasons and all circumstances.

We invite you to discover our waffle stick! A sweet with an original shape that will make you see the waffle in a new light.

Unique in Brussels

Don't look for stick waffles elsewhere, they are only available in Brussels in our Coin du Châtelain tea-room.

This most original waffle will surprise you in many ways. First of all by its shape. You have certainly never seen a waffle mounted on a wooden pick. 

Even if it is an original delicacy, its preparation is no less traditional.

Numerous combinations to delight all gourmets

We propose you the waffle in stick in various declinations. Whether you are a big fan of chocolate or prefer the simplicity of sugar granules, we have something to delight your taste buds.

The waffle stick is available in plain, chocolate or Nutella coated versions, with chocolate granules, sugar granules, coconut, hazelnuts and whipped cream. So don't wait and treat yourself to the stick waffle of your dreams. 

Enjoy the waffle stick on the spot or to take away

The waffle stick can be enjoyed on the spot, in our tea-room in Ixelles, or wherever you like.

You can discover the waffle stick with your coffee or treat yourself to a gourmet break after work or when picking up the kids from school.

Without forgetting that it is easy to eat with its wooden pick, so no more fingers full of whipped cream or chocolate.